Chartering a private yacht is on most peoples’ wish list. You live on your own private floating villa with your family or closest friends, while the crew attends to your every need. You have an infinite choice of itineraries. Fancy a night out on a cosmopolitan island, a swim is a secluded bay, a romantic dinner on board under the stars? The captain and crew will create the ideal itinerary and environment for you.

You unpack once and for a week or longer, the yacht will take you to the most beautiful destinations. The yacht is fully serviced and the meals are comparable to those of the best restaurants. Of course, you always have the option to dine ashore. The flexible planning of the onboard catering allows you to choose where, when and what type of meals you want. The same applies to your beverages. The rooms come with en-suite bathrooms and are fully airconditioned. I personally love catamarans. They offer immense space, they are very stable and the utilities and accommodation compare to yachts of a much larger size. Sailing around the Greek coastline and the islands is nothing short of breathtaking. The sea is warm and calm and the destinations offer a wide variety of lifestyles, experiences, culture and dining.

A number of “sea-toys” on board the catamarans are available, such as a speedboat, windsurf, SUP, snorkelling equipment and more, depending on the yacht. Diving and other experiences and activities can be arranged by the captain with local certified providers. “And the cost?” you may ask. Well, it starts from only €210 per person per day, which includes VAT, port taxes, meals, fuel, beverages and tips! How does this compare to a 5-star resort? Plus you have the added benefits of being able to visit multiple destinations, it is full board and completely private! With the coronavirus spreading, being on a private yacht which offers a contained environment, surrounded only by your own family members or closest friends, is a much safer option.