No other holiday experience can compare to the sense of freedom life on a luxury catamaran will give you. Freedom to create your own itinerary, depending on your interests; freedom to dine on board or ashore; freedom to stay in cosmopolitan port or in a quite bay. And freedom from the hassles which come from owning a yacht. You simply arrive and for a week, or for as long as you like, our professional and friendly crew will look after you and your guests. Our captain will discuss the itinerary and make it perfect for you. Our cook/stewart will prepare your favorite drink as you set sail for your first destination. And from that point on, you simply let go of everything on land. Work and worries simply fade in the distance. You just live for the moment while all your needs are being taken care of.

George Argyropoulos founded “Exclusive Cats” simply because he loves them. All the catamarans we offer have been personally chosen by George. After a 30 year career in the cruise industry, George decided to offer something truly exclusive to his most loyal customers.

The Catamarans we offer are all family owned and serve as the family yacht. Unlike many others in the market, these were built, fitted and decorated to the highest standards, with the finest furnishings and with the owner’s pleasure in mind. No expense has been spared. These are cats that George can put his name and reputation behind.

Amongst the many yachts George and his family have rented, he fell in love with the catamaransbecause these two-hull vessels offer:

  •  Amazing space both indoors and outdoors. You will be surprised by the ample space and comforts.
  •  The luxury of a motor yacht.
  •  A very stable sailing which allows you to enjoy the journey, not only the destination.
  •  A very low fuel consumption as catamarans have a shallow draft!

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