For the ultimate in service, privacy and exclusivity there’s nothing quite like a catamaran holiday.

Imagine waking every morning to breath-taking views of a new location whilst your private Chef serves a delicious breakfast on deck and the crew prepare for the day’s activities, all at your personal request. Unlike a hotel, a luxury yacht charter offers the exclusive opportunity to create your dream vacation without the restraints of a fixed location, strict itineraries and tourist-packed excursions with the added element of unparalleled luxury.


• Luxurious hotels are still hotels. You share them with other guests, lie by the pool with strangers, and you can’t control the noise coming from the room next door.

• High-end hotel staff are exceedingly helpful and very well trained- the truth is that you’re just one of hundreds of VIP guests vying for their attention at any time.

• Hotel restaurants are all well and good, with set menus, reservations and other hotel guests surrounding your table.

• When you holiday in a hotel, you have to waste time in traffic getting to different parts of the island. If the place of interest is a long way away, you might even have to pack and move hotels.

• In a hotel, you only have the one room view, not a constantly changing one.

Daily Rate: €400


• Privacy is one of the most wonderful aspects of a charter. Plenty of space for family and friends. On a luxury charter, you have the whole thing to yourself.

• You have your own private staff. The entire crew exist for that week just to serve you and your group. There are no other VIP’s but you.

• You have your own private chef. Enjoy gourmet cuisine prepared by your onboard chef served to your personal tastes without having to make reservations.

• Explore multiple locations without packing and unpacking each time.
On a yacht, you just lie back while the captain fires up the engine and you move to the next coastal destination.

• Wake up to a different view every day.

Daily Rate: €500